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Simply click on the above download button to get this software and save it on your PC hard drive. Once you download this application just install .exe file on your computer and with this you are all set to remove all malware and infected items from your machine without any hassle.

User guide – How to run the software?

Step 1 – After downloading the software it will take only few minutes to install the tool and then the main interface of software appears. Just click on the ‘Scan Computer’ button to quickly begin the searching of each and every infectious items on your PC.

Step 2 – This automatic tool in the second step scans entire hard drive of your computer to locate all the malwares and other infections on your system and all the found items after scanning are displayed to you in thumbnail format with description.

Step 3 – The software includes an in-built feature called, Spyware Helpdesk’. This feature will help you know all about the malware and spyware your have faced in your computer system.

Step 4 – “System Guard” is another in-built feature of this third party tool which will help you keep your machine safe and free from any kind virus attacks in future.

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