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Simple Way To Repair “mov file is damaged” Error

It is very often that people see some error message while opening their mov files. One of the error message which you might have come across is “mov file is damaged”. This is due to mov file get damaged while handling it improperly. It is most widely used format for saving video files and is also prone to corruption. So if you are among them who have damaged mov files and want to repair “mov file is damaged” error then read the article given below to know how to fix this issue.

MOV File Format

MOV is a multimedia file format developed by Apple Inc which is played by QuickTime media player on Mac operating system. However, with the advancement in the technology, mov file is not limited to Mac OS only, it is now compatible with Windows OS as well. It means that if you have mov files, you can play it on your Windows OS also. But damage to mov file can occur on any operating system resulting repair “mov file is damaged” error. If you are using QuickTime media player then video files are being saved with .mov files extension as well as you can play, save, record, edit, copy, import, export and convert files with it. MOV is a file format or a video container which is used to save video files. It is a common multimedia file format which uses a proprietary algorithm. MOV file format possesses one or more track which stores certain data types. It uses a MPEG-4 codec for compressing files. See Mac Forum to know more things related to mov.

But at some point of time, you happen to encounter several situations where you will lose your mov video files because of unfavorable circumstances. There exists many unfavorable situations where you could lose your files. One of the major reason for the corruption of mov file is CRC error. When mov file gets corrupted it will display error message “mov file is damaged” then here the need to repair “mov file is damaged” error arises.

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